This book is written with the intention of becoming a part of every
ship's library in the Adriatic and to be the best councilor to their owners, skippers and crew.
While reading, you will learn a lot about rigging of sailboats, masts and of
all kinds of ropes, which allows you to stand upright and withstand the forces to which they
are exposed, the grips that hold them to the deck, pulleys through which halliard, sheet,
devices which are wound sails, winches , vangs and rails, mast crosses and installations,
setting up the mast and the trimming, the procedures when it breaks, steering system, stoppers,
bowsprit, the use of hydraulics on the boat. You will peek under the sea to the keel of antique and modern, catch the deck railing, look through the porthole, take stern and prow, print name and decorate the ship.You'll find out how it works on the boat and how certain parts of it should be maintained.

But this is a book about life at sea. In many chapters the author describes what actually happens
when the cruiser looses or breaks a part of the equipment, typically in a storm or when the sea

is not gracious, helping us to ensure their actions in similar situations, we learn what we then do,
enrich knowledge and thus finally make navigation safer.

Hard case; 151. pages
Price: 180 kn